About Certified Appliance Accessories®

Certified Appliance Accessories® is the go-to market solution for all your appliance accessory needs. Certified™ is dedicated to helping you find wholesale dishwasher connectors, range cords, washing machine hoses and more. Additionally, the entire lineup from Certified™ is constructed to meet or exceed industry certification standards, as consumer safety is our top priority. Get and keep your appliances running effectively with the right parts, tools, and accessories from Certified Appliance Accessories®.

Washer Accessories

Our washer installation kits and accessories are what you need to get your washing machine running and to keep it maintained. Whether you’re installing a new washer, changing out a valve or replacing an old or worn-out connection, fill, or drain hose, our wide selection of washing machine accessories will keep your washer running smoothly.

Dryer Accessories

Find the right dryer connection kits, cords, elements, thermostats, and other accessories you need to complete a dryer installation or maintain its performance. Our convenient installation kits and premium dryer accessories offer solutions designed to help you set up your dryer and make needed repairs.

Refrigerator Accessories

Our refrigerators are hard-working appliance. That’s why when it comes to installation and maintenance, you want the best accessories to connect and keep that refrigerator working efficiently. From replacement water filters and thermostats to bins, evaporator motors, ice maker connectors, and more, Certified™ has the parts and accessories you need.

Dishwasher Accessories

Dishwashers and disposals are a huge convenience for any kitchen. Install yours and keep it in pristine condition with our extensive selection of dishwasher and disposal accessories. Find parts to repair connectors, fittings, water valves, thermal fuses, clamps, drain hoses. Support the longevity and performance of your dishwasher and disposal for years to come.

Range Accessories

Our range accessories offer convenient installation kits, parts, and tools to install and set up your new range. Or if you’re making repairs, browse our wide range of accessories—such as 3- and 4-wire cords, surface elements, flex-lines, bake and broil elements, and burner knobs—to replace old or worn-out parts.